Copy , Cut, & Paste*

Action Shortcut

Copy ı + C Cut ı + X

Paste ı + V

*If using OpenOffice applications for word processing, spreadsheets, etc, then the shortcuts remain the

same as traditional shortcuts for the equivalent Microsoft applications: Word, Excel, etc.

Selecting Icons/Menu Items:

Action Shortcut

Select a group of icons Drag the pointer across the icons

Add an icon to the selection Shift-click

Select adjacent icons/menu items in a list Shift-click

Select or deselect non-adjacent icons/menu items

in a list


Miscellaneous Functions:

Action Shortcut

Switch between open applications ı + Tab; keep holding ı down and press Tab

again to select next application over, or use arrow

keys to go back and forth between the applications

Hide all open windows (to open a file, folder, or

application from the desktop quickly)

F11 (press F11 again to bring back open windows)

*See all open windows and enter a new window F9, (fn+F9 for laptops) and click desired window

*See all open windows of current application F10, (fn+F10 on laptops) and click desired window

To be continued next week Tune in.

See ya next week!

Robert Schow

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