Steps 1-9: Setting up and Logging into your account.

Step 1. Goto
Step 2. Click on “Business Solutions
Step 3. Click on “Web Pages
Step 4. Click on “Webmaster tools (including Sitemaps)

Note: If you hava a google account you can login.

Step 5. If not click on “Create a Google Account
Step 6. Google Account Setup Screen

Fill in the form Click “I Accept. Create my account”. Located at the bottom of page.

Step 7. After form has been submitted you will received an email to activate you account.

Click on the link “

Step 8. Click on “Click here to continue

Note: This action will bring you back to the Webmaster Tools Page.

Step 9. Click “Insert email address and password and Sign In

Steps 10-17: Verify your Site

Step 10. Next Add URL “” to the Add Site field.

Click “OK

Step 11a. Verify Your Site: Click Text Link “Verify your site
Step 12. Choose Verification Method
Click Dropdown and Select “Upload an HTML File
Step 13. Copy Verification Code.

Note: Below are examples for entering Google Verification File in 4.0 and Pro. After

completing one of the processes 4.0 or Pro. Please continue with process by returning to

Google site and clicking “VERIFY” to complete the verification of your site.

See illustrations 16 and 17 below for completing verification.

Step 14. 4.0 Site “Paste Google Verification code”

Example of code: “google2af636d0199e7391.html

Step 15. Pro Site Steps

a. Add a page
b. Name it Google
c. Add Page Url
d. Paste Google Verification Code
e. Set as Default

Step 16. Click “Verify

Step 17. Verified Page

Step 18. Generate sitemap.xml file.

a. Go to “
b. Enter URL Here http://“
c. Click “Create Map
d. Generating Site Map “Please Wait
e. Click “Google Sitemap to Create sitemap.xml
f. Click “Anywhere below to highlight all 277 entries, then right click, choose copy.

to be continued.....

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