This is for those of you who are using Outlook Microsoft. This Blog will help better organize your task through out the week or month.

Adding An Microsoft Outlook Task

Open your Outlook.

1. Left Click on Tasks in the Folder List

2. Double Click on the top line that displays the text “Click Here to add a new task”

3. On the Task Tab

a. Fill in the Subject line

b. Select a Due date and Start Date by clicking on the drop calendar.

c. Status can be set for 5 types Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Waiting on

someone else or Deferred

d. Priority settings Low, Normal or High

e. Check the box next to reminder to specify a date and time you are to be notified

for the set task.

Note: The reminder will popup on the day and time requested giving you the following options:



Open Item

Snooze Time

Note: How long you want the reminder to snooze can be set at the bottom of the Reminder.

f. You can also set reminder to different sounds by clicking on the speaker icon

located on right side of the time. The defaulted “reminder.wav” can be used or

click browse and add your own. Click OK.

g. Save and Close task.

See you next week!

Robert Schow

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