Example letter to send out requesting to Trade Links:

Subject: Link Trade Request

"Greetings, my name is_________, and I'm the webmaster for (name your website). I came across your (name their web site) whatever.com while surfing and I think we could both benefit by trading links. I have found that trading links is one of the best sources for increasing qualified traffic to my site. If you have any interest in exchanging links with me here is my information:

URL: www.mywebsite.com
Title: The Title of Your Website (no more 4-8 words)
Description: The total description of your website. (no more than 25 words)

Just email me back with your info, and let's make it happen. I look forward tohearing from you.

Your name


Make sure that you customize each email with at least the address of the site with which you are requesting the trade. Customizing the email will dramatically increase your response rate by communicating to the reader that your email is not a spammy form letter. Also make sure you get to the point quickly. Request letters that are too long won't get read.

- Acceptance of your request will vary depending upon the quality of your search and the content of your e-mail offer. You should expect a 10 to 20% positive response rate. If you want 100 links to your site you might have to send out 500 link trade requests.

- This is a continual ongoing promotion program.

- NEVER be content to stop after sending an initial batch of link exchange proposals. The more links you trade the more traffic you get, and the higher your link popularity goes.

Creating an Effective Link Page:

- Use strong advertising copy and create emotion and a desire for other merchants to participate.

- Near the top of your link page, you should invite other relevant websites to trade links with you. You should provide instructions to execute this, including which types of sites are eligible, what your link should look like on their page (URL, Title / Headline, Opening Statement / Description), and a contact email address where you can be reached regarding link trade requests.

See ya next week!

Robert Schow

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