Proper keyword research is the most important step to marketing your web site within search engines. When optimizing your web site you should always know what keywords people are actually searching for. In bid ranked search engines (Google Ad words, Yahoo/Overture sponsored listings, etc.), we want as many relevant keyword phrases as possible - ideally over 10,000 unique and relevant phrases.

In this article you will learn the benefits of:

  • Initial Keyword Brainstorming
  • Using the Overture/Yahoo Reverse Search Engine for Keyword extrapolation
  • Intermediate Spreadsheet Cleanup & Final Spreadsheet Preparation
  • Using Web-Based Tools to Generate an Abundance of Keywords & Relevant Phrases
This article will show how researching large numbers of relevant keyword phrases for bid ranked search engines is an integral step in effective Internet marketing. We first will look at brainstorming initial keywords. Secondly, we will discuss keyword generation approaches. Lastly, we will outline in detail specific ways to use a spreadsheet to clean up the keyword phrases.
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