We have improved our Variation Conflict capabilities.

Variations represent different options customers can choose when ordering a product. For example, a website selling t-shirts might offer the same shirt in several sizes and colors with different collars. In this case, size, color, and collar style would be variations for the product.

Variation conflicts represent product options that are NOT available. For example, if you carry red, blue, yellow, and green shirts, and you have sizes large, medium, and small, but you do not carry the red shirt in the medium size, then you would want to set up a variation conflict so customers cannot purchase a medium-red shirt.

In the past there was no way to specify conflicts that were specific to three or more variation choices. That meant for example that if you could sell medium-red shirts with a wide collar BUT not a medium-red shirts with a narrow collar, any combination of medium-red would result in a conflict. We have added a new option to the variation conflicts screen called Explicit Conflict. When a conflict is set to Explicit, only combinations of options that have the explicit conflict set result in a conflict. For example this means you can now specify that medium-red shirts with a wide collar are available while medium-red shirts with a narrow collar are not!
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