In last weeks posting, we talked about getting started – this week, we’ll expand on that, and I’ll introduce a new article that we have just put into Merchant Services which goes hand-in-hand with the concept of “Taking the Plunge.”

Are you nervous about getting started? Have you ever heard the term “take the plunge”? Rest assured, in customer service we hear from people from all walks of life who are in various stages of getting started. In Merchant Services, if you click on “Creating Your Website (Version 1.0) to collapse it, you will see that we have a new article titled ‘Taking the Plunge’ Your Web site Version 1.0.

I’m going to borrow some content from this article and expand upon it. The introduction starts out by talking about the phrase “Executive decision”, and how it implies that this decision maker is somebody who can see an opportunity and take action without any hesitation.

The hardest part of building a website is putting it out there for the whole world to see. If you don’t put your site out there, and you don’t do the marketing on your site, you cannot make any money.

I would encourage everybody to read this article in Merchant Services and see just how we have simplified the process of getting your 1.0 version of your site out there and live. We have also included a checklist for your first site to ensure that you have all of the key areas of a successful site present. After you have completed the checklist, feel free to contact customer service and they will be more than happy to do another site review as well for you.


Sean Guy
Director of Customer Service
Stores Online, Inc.
(801) 227-0004
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