Private Domain Registration Available through StoresOnline
As most of you are probably aware, the power behind having your own domain name when dealing with an e-commerce site is powerful. A domain name can build credibility to your site, and can make it easier to remember for repeat customers.

At StoresOnline, we make it easy and convenient to purchase and maintain a domain name. You can purchase a private registration domain name through for as little as $14.95/year, and for your convenience, you can register it for as many as 10 years.

What is Private Registration, and why does it cost $14.95? Did you know that when you register a domain, your name, address, email address and phone number are immediately made available to anyone who wants to see them? That's right. Your personal information is exposed 24 hours a day, everyday, to anyone, anywhere.

The standard Domain Registration fee is $9.00 (per year), privacy is an additional $5.95 (per year). Storesonline only provides Private Registrations, thereby protecting your contact information from email harvesters and DNS crawlers. This will help reduce the amount of spam and unsolicited emails and phone calls you receive.

A Private "Unlisted" Registration protects you from:

Domain-related spam
"Moonlighting" home- or side-business identity disclosure
Identity theft and fraud
Harassers, stalkers, and data miners
Privacy intrusions
The WHOIS record for your domain will list Stores Online, Inc. as the Administrative, Business, and Technical contact, however you will still own the domain name.

Price comparison of Private Registrations (1 year, .com):
Storesonline: $14.95 $14.99
Network Solutions: $43.99 $19.00
We encourage our merchants to use Private Domain Name registration, which is similar to being unlisted in the phonebook. That doesn't mean your domain can't be found, but what it does mean is that your personal information, such as phone number, email address, etc. is secure and not public. This will protect you from domain related spam, Identity Theft and Fraud, harassers, stalkers and data-miners, privacy intrusion, etc. To purchase a private domain, the cost is an additional $7.95/year.

If you purchased a domain name with StoresOnline, the name servers have already been automatically setup. If you did purchase from another company, such as Go-Daddy, you must specify in the setup for your domain name to have the nameservers setup as and

More information can be found at, or within Merchant Services.

See you next time!


Sean Guy
Director of Customer Service
StoresOnline, Inc.
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