Link Popularity- Google Counts Inbound Links
As it relates to your overall promotion efforts, it is important that you understand what Link Popularity is, and how it affects your overall promotion efforts, specifically search engine rankings. Google, as of this writing, is generally regarded as the best relevancy-based search engine on the Internet. If you take into consideration the fact that Google provides the search results for not only, but also, and several others, Google's search results have somewhere between a 70-80% reach on the Internet, depending on who you ask. The bottom line is that if you come up number one for a particular keyword phrase in Google, you are also number one on all the search engines for which Google provides search results. Understanding what matters to Google for effective listings is important.

Google (and other relevancysearch engines increasingly) uses as a factor in determining the relevancy of a particular web page to a particular keyword a concept they call "Link Popularity". Google counts the number of other websites on the Internet that link to your site. (Note: Google must be indexing those other sites in order to count their link to you. If a particular site linking to you is not indexed by Google, it does not benefit your link popularity, but it is still a link that can send you traffic; so don't panic.) The more sites that link to yours, the higher your link popularity and thus the higher you go in Google's search engine results. Consider too, that link popularity is certainly not the only factor Google considers by a long shot. Click here to learn more about relevancy search engine optimization.

Improving your link popularity should be a permanent part of your marketing efforts. Consider however, that if you are already doing the other important things to promote your site, your link popularity will grow automatically. They are all intertwined. You should review the Link Trading, Live Web Directories, Vertical Portals, and Strategic Linking tutorials for specifics on how to get other websites to link to yours.
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