SuperNutrient Corporation Sees Revenue Grow Seven-Fold
in Just Two Years through Online Marketing and Sales Efforts

Connecticut entrepreneur boosts company’s bottom-line with help from StoresOnline

NEWTON, Conn. and OREM, Utah – January, 2006 – In the two years since he first attended a StoresOnline workshop David Stout has seen his company’s gross revenue grow seven-fold to $150,000 in 2005 from $20,000 in 2003. Now, after more than doubling his company’s gross revenue in each of the last two straight years, Stout is eagerly anticipating his company’s continued growth.

Stout’s company, SuperNutrient Corp., originally produced the patented amino acid formula, “Platinum Plus” for medical practitioners and physicians to use in treating patients with a variety of health concerns. However, as the product’s popularity spread through word of mouth, Stout quickly identified the enormous business opportunity in marketing directly to individual consumers.

“Once I got my feet wet and saw how easy it was to use the Web site construction software, our site came together rather quickly,” Stout said. “The StoresOnline shopping cart checkout feature helped facilitate a user-friendly shopping process for our customers and it made it much easier for us to sell our product.”

The steady pattern of growth demonstrated by the elevated bottom line is only part of what makes Stout so happy.

“Sure the financial aspect is appealing, but our focus is on the quality of life for our customers,” Stout said. “I just want people to see how our products can help them live healthier and more complete lives. Once I realized how StoresOnline’s software could help us better reach our customers, I knew the software was a great fit for us. Now we are definitely headed in the right direction, and we plan on doubling our revenues again in the coming year!”

StoresOnline offers comprehensive store options and innovative software perfectly suited for entrepreneurs like Stout. Its simple format and superior customer service helped him launch his site quickly and seamlessly.

“We are always pleased to see our customers finding success with our software,” said Brandon Lewis, president of StoresOnline. “Entrepreneurs, by nature are very brave people. We know it’s tough to make it when you start from the ground up, but our products and services continue to help thousands of small businesses successfully establish an online presence.”

For more information about SuperNutrient Corporation please visit For additional information about StoresOnline and its customer’s success stories, please visit or call (801) 227-0004.

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