StoresOnline Updates its E-Commerce Platform

by ECommerce Guide Staff

For those e-tailers starting with a small budget, one option for creating an online store is to build it yourself instead of paying a designer several thousand dollars. There Several hosting providers offer these turn-key services. This week, one of those providers, StoresOnline, announced the release of its StoresOnline Pro version 5.0 software platform "designed to help the everyday entrepreneur and small business owner market their unique products and services on the Web."

StoresOnline said the new site-building e-commerce software platform is fully searchable and indexed to help users. Its expanded offerings include several tutorials on various marketing techniques available such as search engine optimization (SEO), using vertical search portals and planning pay-per-click campaigns.

The new StoresOnline Web site has been streamlined using StoresOnline's software, the company said, to clearly communicate the mission of StoresOnline: "Gather. Design. Publish."

"This version of the StoresOnline Pro e-commerce software platform has been developed over the course of the past decade and now makes us even more competitive with the higher-priced builders," said Brandon Lewis, president of StoresOnline, in a written statement. P>

With the new upgrade, StoresOnline customers can now do the following:

  • Alter content and program site functions and settings using user-friendly drag and drop features and WYSIWIG simplicity;
  • Research the sales potential of any given item via proprietary keyword search tools, develop marketing strategies to optimize their own sites and even research competitors' strategies, allowing them to pinpoint avenues for optimum success;
  • Register a domain within the platform and build the storefront to match the company's theme and style, also includes ability to set up numerous email aliases;
  • Use e-mail to respond automatically with predefined, templated messages;
  • Set up and run multiple merchant accounts (with support for major credit card and PayPal transactions);
  • Capture and transact customer orders while also monitoring and tracking customer traffic patterns;
  • Host forums or develop blogs within a client's site; and
  • Import and export product/order data.
Like the previous version of the platform, the newest version is integrated with UPS Online Tools. All the content in a StoresOnline Pro-powered e-commerce Web site can be browsed using the site's search function, which the company said is a major upgrade from previous versions.

Enhanced Layout and Design Features
StoresOnline Pro v5.0 features a "user-friendly platform" and more customizable layout and design options than previously available. The new software version uses three-tiered layered technology: a page layer with basic placeholder elements, a background layer with recurring stylistic elements, and a design layer which features a navigation bar, page title, heading and other aesthetic features.

"Editing page elements has now been made simple for even the technology-impaired," said David Rosenvall, the principal designer of the platform. "Thanks to the use of WYSIWIG technology, Web site novices are ensured that no HTML knowledge is needed as they construct their online store."

The StoresOnline Pro Web development platform is designed to offer thousands of design and layout options. Customers can easily load pictures and details on their site. They can also alter the scheme and basic presentation from a myriad of customizable design templates. The software also allows clients to mask images to increase the appeal of the overall site. Image masking allows for logos or designs to be blended with the existing background color and scheme to create a better integration of the site's theme on each page.

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