MAP Price 

MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price.  This tool gives you the ability to show the MAP price until you get to the shopping cart, then the sale price will take its place. 


Some manufacturers require their merchants to sell their products at a price that is reasonable, but they would like to control that cost.


Minimum advertised Price works in the favor of the manufacturer because they do not want to sell their product for less than what it is worth.


Merchants would like to sell below the MAP, but if their site gets audited and the prices are below the MAP they might lose their supplier.


This is where the MAP price tool within the Store builder comes into play.  This tool is useful in different ways.


Here are a few examples:


·         MAP is more expensive than the price that you are going to charge and you want to show the difference as people add it to their carts.  First they see the MAP price but when the product is in the shopping cart, the price changes to match the discounted price you would like to offer the customer.


·         Manufacturer requires that the MAP price is displayed, but you are allowed to charge a lower price.  As long as the MAP price is showing on the site, you are following the requirements of your supplier.


The steps in using this tool is pretty simple, here they are:


1.   You can add the suggested price on the Product Screen

2.   In order to activate the MAP to show up in the product, double click on the specific Product.

3.   Under “Options” there is one choice, “Use Minimum Advertising Price (MAP), put a check mark in this option.

4.   Test the process; make sure the prices are showing up correctly, (prices showing up in the proper fields).


After following these instructions, you have successfully used the MAP option in the Store builder. 

 If you have any questions about this tool,  feel free to contact Customer Support through the Online Chat or Call the Customer Service Line.
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