We have been working hard on integrating new payment processors such as PayPal (http://www.paypal.com), Optimal Payments (http://optimalpayments.com) and eNETS (http://www.nets.com.sg). Unfortunately we were unable to integrate PayPal Pro because of library conflict issues. However, PayPal and eBay are owned by the same parent company, and we are hopeful that they will soon work out their differences so that we will be able to quickly add PayPal Pro back in.

We want to let you know we are also fixing bugs as fast as we can find them. Thanks to all of those who send us error reports with great descriptions of the problems. Many times we receive error reports that don't have enough information for us to tell which page on which the sender encountered an error. If possible, please include the page you are on and what button was pressed and we will do our best to duplicate the problem and fix it. If you get the same error more than once, don't worry about submitting the error each and every time. Some errors are easier to fix than others, and we try to respond as quickly as possible with an answer. Some bugs are not really bugs as much as they are feature requests or enhancements. Please let us know about these as well. While we may not be able to implement all of them, we do keep them on file. Keep up the good work building great looking sites, and let us know what you think.

StoresOnline Engineering Department.

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