Happy Holidays!

We are approaching the Hoidays and I know that we will be spending our time in one paticular place in the Store Builder more than we ever have throughout the year! Can anyone guess?.....The Ordering rules. This is what I will be featuring this week.

What better part of Ordering rules to begin with than "Coupons"!


 Ordering Rules are a lot simpler than you first assume. They can be manipulated to do anything, you sometimes are forced to think outside of the box. Just remember that there is always a way to say yes to the customer, but you might have to “jerry-rig” it.  


            Coupons are fairly simple, depending on what the customer is trying to accomplish. Lets assume you are trying to create a rule that gives each customer a %10 discount when they punch in a certain “coupon code”.  

1. The Coupon

Products > Coupons

On this page you can create a custom coupon. Here you can include the coupon code, details, fine print, expiration dates, sponsors and even an image. Make use of this, it’s there to show your customer how professional you can be. You can print these coupons out, or send them to your customers in the form of emails, or even link them to the particular coupon.  

2. The “coupon code” Form

Remember that, if you create a coupon code, you must also include this on your Order Form. You will go to Pages > Forms > Order Form > Element. Add an editable element and name it whatever you want to (Ex: coupon code or redemption code). This will give the customer a place to enter this code when they go to place their order. This will also play a part in how the Ordering Rule works.  

3. The Ordering Rule

Now that we have the code and a place for the customer to enter said code, we need to create the rule. Products > Price Sets > USD (assuming they are using a USD Price Set). Create a new simple discount rule, name it whatever the discount might be. “10% discount”. In the comment field, you may want to put in the expiration date so that you know when to come back and delete the rule. In the Form Element field type whatever the name of that element on the form is (Ex: coupon code or redemption code). Where it says Matches, type in whatever the particular code is (Ex: D35898FDS). Now, in the Adds field, type whatever the calculation is going to be. In our case it is going to be –10.00. But you will have to remember to change the dropdown menu from “Fixed Amount” to “Percentage”.  VOILA! We have created a simple discount rule.  

Now, it’s not always going to be this easy, but there is always a solution. Sometimes you will have to create a “standard” rule and work off of that. Just remember that there is always a solution.

See ya next week,

Robert Schow

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