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Orem, Utah – Funding for over 3,000 students from Jordan School District to attend a screening of “American Pastime” has been secured, thanks to help from StoresOnline.

The movie, directed by Desmond Nakano, tells of a Japanese family interned at central Utah’s Topaz Relocation Center during World War II.

Rep. Sylvia Andersen, R-Sandy, believed that the film was important enough to make sure as many students as possible saw it. StoresOnline agreed.

“It is important for our students to learn from our past,” Andersen said. “When I look at our world’s climate I worry that we could easily repeat the mistakes of yesterday. It is up to our students to make sure that never happens.”

Andersen worked with the Larry H. Miller Group, who agreed to cover the ticket costs. But funding the transportation of more than 3,000 students remained.

When no other donations came forward, she resolved to cover the cost herself. That is when StoresOnline became aware of the situation.

“We saw a need in our community and stepped forward,” said Robert Lewis, CFO of StoresOnline. “We want to be good neighbors—this was another opportunity to help.”

Sherry Wasden, deputy superintendent for instructional services with Jordan School District, was delighted when she learned about the donation. “It is important to our schools and students to have good corporate citizens, such as StoresOnline, whose contributions help make events such as this possible.”

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