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Orem 25 July 2007 - Several news reports have appeared over the past few days concerning StoresOnline seminars conducted in the Arkansas area.  Of note within the report is an advisory issued by the Better Business Bureau concerning StoresOnline, its sales practices and recent legal action regarding the company.

StoresOnline is an e-commerce software company that allows small-to-medium sized businesses to develop an internet presence.  Most small businesses cannot afford an internal IT department to develop and maintain an e-commerce presence via the internet; however, with StoresOnline’s software, training and customer service many are now able to expand their business with the internet.

While StoresOnline takes all complaints and concerns seriously, it is important that they are reported within a proper perspective.  The Better Business Bureau’s claim of “over 400 complaints” comes without disclosing the geographic region of the complaints, what period of time the complaints were issued and whether such a figure should concern customers.  Their release is unintentionally arbitrary and capricious. 

StoresOnline has received no complaints from the Better Business Bureau in Arkansas for more than 12 months.  Over the past 36 months and within the entire United States, we have received just 414 complaints, which represents far less than one percent of our customers during that period.   This is by no means an attempt to marginalize dissatisfied customers.  We want to resolve all concerns amicably.

The Better Business Bureau advises individuals “interested in home-based businesses…to consider all aspects and costs of starting and operating a business. “  While StoresOnline agrees with such advice, it is important to note that the Better Business Bureau’s webpage clarifies that StoresOnline is not a home-based business: “Products and services sold by StoresOnline are not investment education materials, and the company does not consider its products a business opportunity or a home-based business”.

StoresOnline agrees with the Better Business Bureau’s counsel for consumer caution when making any purchase.  To mitigate any potential concerns, StoresOnline provides a two-seminar approach to selling its product.  Customers are invited to attend a preview seminar where they make it clear who our software may benefit, and equally important StoresOnline makes it clear who the software is not beneficial.  If business owners and entrepreneurs feel that our product will meet their needs, they are invited to attend a full-day seminar to learn more about our software and services.   It is only after those parties have been properly informed of the benefits and potential risks of such an investment that we allow them to purchase our products.

StoresOnline stands by its software, training and customer service.  While we acknowledge that our software and services are not suited for each business, we continue to strive to meet the e-commerce needs of small-to-medium sized businesses.

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