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Real Testimonials

Real Testimonials

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Back To Balance

-I have used this product for a few years now as I am a undiagnosed adult with ADD that doesn’t like to use “man-made” prescribed drugs if I can help it and it really helps. I only take 1 per day just to help and to save a few $$$ but I’m sure if someone had a sever case of ADD or ADHD then giving the recommended does would help a lot. We give it to our 10 year old daughter as well to help keep her focused at school and other activities and it works well enough that she asks for it if we happen to miss a dose. 

-Best Product EVER!!! I was introduced to this product 12 years ago and I have been taking it ever since. It works wonderful for several things in my life. Hormone, anexity and depression. I can always tell when I have not taken it and so can my family. It is a wonderful product!!!! Suzette

Beyond Resveratrol Cream

-This has to be the best facial cream I have ever used. I have completely stopped buying all other facial creams. I am a Mexican American and my skin feels great. Thanks for such a great wrinkle controlling cream that all woman should try…..Sonia---Arizona

Beyond Systemic Enzymes

-ATTENTION!!! THESE ENZYMES WORK!!! My white hair is growing-in, dark!!!.. Roberta

-ATTENTION!!! THESE ENZYMES WORK! Visual sign: My white hair is growing-in dark!! Roberta 

-good product buying it for the second time. Roger CA

-Been seeing "WOW!!" results, using these enzymes!!! QUICK mailing... good job!!  Metcalfe WA

-A++ Fantastic product EVERYONE should be on! Will buy again! Brent, IN

Beyond Testosterone For Men

-5 Stars---I have tried many products over the years and was glad to have found one that actually worked. Within days of taking it, my strength, stamina, sex drive, and focus increased! The Fountain of Youth brand is the original and the best. Thank you, and please never stop making this product! John Harris

-I was low T and this raised them to the normal range. Glen Cove

-At the age of 42, I was developing all the signs of low-t, also known as low testosterone. This product is all natural, and it also uses well researched, effective ingredients. I feel my libido increasing, my sometimes e.d. issues going away, and most surprising to me-- I added 10 ponds of solid muscle in one month while using this product along with my workout!!! I will keep using it just for that reason alone!!! 5082290301273482572

-Products arrived much sooner than I expected ... I have used this product before ... and think they are great ... Plus they were almost 20% less expensive thru you than from where I originally purchased them ... will continue to do business with you as needed .... Thank you ... R~ Reviewer1148391 From Arizona

-I am a 40 year old male who has lost a step. I have been in the military for 20 years and getting ready to retire. This product has given me energy like I was 18 again. I can go on forever on all the benefits I am seeing after using this product for 3 months now.

-The biggest is my energy levels and libido. Thanks for such a great product ---- Malcolm Arizona

-Power, Strength, Energy, Recovery, Libido. I feel like a new man. Great product. Steve California

Doctor’s Growth Hormone

-5 star product. Found out about this product in the Prescription for Natritional Healing book which states “Triple Strength Growth from Fountain of Youth is an Ayurvedic herbal formula whose ingredients include herbs to stimulate the pituitary gland to release growth hormone (HGH).” The book states that as HGH levels decline with age, increasing HGH helps with age-related issues including capacity to exercise, increasing bone mass, and decreasing body fat.

-5 star product. This product is great. I take one before bed and I feel great. No complaints so far. 

-Talk about making you feel young again. I would suggest this product to everyone!! Mike Wyoming

Doctor’s Horny Goat Weed Formula

Doctor’s Libido Lift

-Very impressed by the formula description and the compounds action coordination of those natural herbs for a well balance effects. 

Doctor’s Just for Women Support Cream

I having been using your Doctor's Just for Women's Testosterone Alternative Support Gel for almost two years now and it is AMAZING! I am 33, but was suffering from diminished libido and energy as well as vaginal lubrication issues and it has solved all of it not to mention things I hadn't even thought of. For example my confidence levels, muscle gaining ability, focus etc. I also started using the Beyond Reservatrol for my face and again have loved the results. Rumeysa

-Great product shipped fast.

-Bought this product for the PMS benefits, but have seen many other great things happening also. I am 40 year old woman that had no libido. I can honestly say it is back and I love this product. Thanks soo much for having such a great product. I will continue to buy this product and recommend it to my friends and family. So many good things. Mary OH

Doctor’s Male Performance Gel

-Merci beaucoup!! Le tranaxn parfaite! Tres bein! MERCI!! A++++ Kerry MO

-With fibromyalgia and arthritis I've suffered with low libido,desires back 8days. Richard

-Execllent Service. Products came right away. I was very impressed! Marilyn

-Great product...and thanks for a great transaction Gibray

-excellent vendor. very quick shipment. a+++. Skabil

-I have 54 years old and this is the first time I use this product and I don’t know if its psychological but my sex drive has improved somewhat. LV

-I have used this product on and off for years. It will definately give your libido a lift. this is a better price also. Feb.2009 Still using still works for libido also for arthritis pain. Bought several and gave to friends and family have heard good reviews. Yes there can be a difference in batchs no big deal if you get relief. Check out their other products at FOY Tech. --- Reviewer3355733 Arkansas

-Great product. My husband is 71 years old, is working like he was 30, and finally has his libido back. ;-) Reviewer1234490 From Arizona

-I think that this product is a God send for people like me that are low on this Hormone and it is a lot better than the perscription drug that was prescribed for me earlier - Reviewer1031349 From Idaho

-I am chiropractor & herbalist and this is the product I always use for working on stiff muscles and muscular pain. And, it is the product I always recommend to my patients who have some ligament trauma like a twisted ankle. The only draw back is you occasionally get an odd batch, Reviewer1440135 From Japan

-Bought this for the husband - doctor diagnosed him with low testosterone levels and he wanted to try this first....what a difference in his mood and outlook, not to mention the sex life. Very happy with this product! Reviewer2810806 From California

-Price is reasonable. Absorbs in the skin very quickly no greasy feeling. Jumped my libido. I feel my muscle strength is a lot better. Reviewer1160423 From Maryland

-I cannot guarantee everyone would get my results. I rub this on and my muscles relax, feel better all over, mentally clearer and calmer. I put some on before golfing or any other physical exertion and perform better. From a company called Fountain of Youth and I believe it. I am going to order the female product for my wife next. I could not live without this. Life changing product! Low back pain is better. Sleep better as well. Reviewer1593693 From Kentucky

-Have been using this product for about four years and it really allows me to maintain very good muscle tone and also helps to ward off a lot of the maladies that are common as we age. I recommend it to any man who needs to boost his Testosterone levels. Reviewer2190951 From Nevada

-This product shows it takes something like 100 days to really begin working, but I could tell the difference after just 7 days. It is working just the way it says it will. Reviewer2454156 From Florida

-Using this product for over a month. The energy level has increased and my resistance to excersice. Last blood level was normal, after been lowfor a few months. Reviewer2219384 From New York

-This was a great product to find. As far as I am concerned, it has helped where nature has slowed down and it has seemed to give me a pick me up. My personal doctor does not think it has helped me, but I disagree. I can't prove how or why it works, but I can say I would not go without it. Reviewer3147418 From California

-I have been suffering from low testosterone for more than 4 years. My doctor would only prescribe Viagra which didn't work and cost a fortune. So far, 5 weeks, the gel has definitely relieved a lot of the symptoms, such as lethargy, hot flushes, etc but is only just beginning to affect sexual performance, which has pleased my wife. I am hopeful that continued use of the gel will fully restore our sex life. Reviewer2213871 From Great Britain

-There was a notable increase in stamina and sexual desire. When I forget to take it I often feel lazy. My doctor suggest that I may be a great placebo responder but he's an idiot. I don't feel like my old self but I do feel a lot better with it. Reviewer2252201 From Maryland

-I have found this product very useful for avariety of situations. Reviewer2384789 From Arizona

-I saw results in 7 days. Will buy more again. Thank you. Reviewer1895863 From Missouri

-Notice a difference within 2-hrs! Reviewer2346132 From Georgia

-After a couple of weeks of using a little in the morning and evenings, I feel much more energy! My gym workouts are better and I'm feeling more manly! I'm 62 and can use all the help I can get. Since this is all natural, you don't get 'roid rage like you do on synthetic hormones. Reviewer1079334 From Arizona

-I can feel this stuff working only took about two days to start feeling results. Reviewer2107351 From Georgia

-I use this product for extra boost during workouts. It also helps with toning. amongst many other wonderful affects. Reviewer2504379

-My husband thinks its as good as others he has tried. Puts on twice a day and at 52 he maintains great muscle tone. Plays lots of tennis and with three knee operations, has no joint pain. He is calmer, more mentally sharp. The "mature" man can really benefit from testosterone supplementation. Reviewer3133441 From Hawaii

-Great product. Powerful, should be used with caution. Reviewer1317536 From Great Britain

-It is winter time in Australia and definitely notice my muscles and joints don't ache like before. Great results. Live an active life and it really helped. Wish it just would grow my hair back... Thank you Reviewer2231205 From Australia

-It really works on me . I have re-ordered this product. Reviewer1873866 From Taiwan

-The products does more than I could have dreamed. Thank you ten times over. Will continue to re-order. Reviewer1317682 From Connecticut

-This really helps my husband when he has 'puts his back out' and the pain is due to muscle spasms. I rub it into the affected area and it improves much quicker than without! Reviewer3260068 From Great Britain

-I would not hesitate to recommend this product. Reviewer1886421 From Australia

-I can feel an immediate effect each time I put in on the body. It strengthens me. Reviewer2193872 From France

-works well even if you do not work out Reviewer2839451 From Florida

-It's a good product. But wish the price was lower. I use this with Tribulus and it does improve libido. I apply it directly to the testes. Tribulus is cheaper, but I feel this product works. Reviewer3184528 From North Carolina

-I have tried other products from our local small health food store and none can compare to this product. My husband is a new man. He like most men his age suffered from a slow loss of energy. Adding this product, plus some B12 to his daily regiment really helped! Thanks for a great product. LV

-This product is a life saver! Reviewer3214574 From Georgia

-I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!IT GIVES ME ENERGY, AND NO MORE LOW T!! Reviewer2059108 From North Carolina

-It works, not very fast, but works. Reviewer1175528 From China

-I wanted to have an active life despite being 71 years of age. So I bought this just to see what it can do. The result surprised me. I had more energy, alertness and did not feel the pain and aches after swimming, my favorite exercise. So I would recommend this to anyone who cannot decide to purchase this. It says what it claims for sure. Reviewer3105325 From Hong Kong

-good product! Reviewer2932894 From Florida

-Use this gel on all sore muscles. Seems to give relief all day and sometimes longer. First time user will purchase again. The best part is no side effects. Reviewer1678778 From Florida

-It is very good product great price. Reviewer2501719 From New Hampshire

-I've been using your product for a few years now and can really feel the difference when I don't use it. I am 61 and it really helps my libido, let alone the tightness & growth of my muscles, after a good workout!. Reviewer1975976 From California

-increase in energy,muscle, endurance- no side effects- takes a couple of months for me to begin to see and feel big difference. Reviewer1381553 From Mississippi

-Has worked great for me. Reviewer3089760 From Iowa

-it does work,,believe me,, Reviewer1262946 From Minnesota

-They have been sending the white cream instead of the runny beige stuff I used to get. I like the most recent batches much better Reviewer2239228 From Indiana

-GREAT PRODUCT!!! Works great for sore muscles and joints. Highly recommend! Reviewer2330948 From North Carolina

-Great for muscle soreness. I use it a lot on my arms and back and really like it. No smell so that's a plus. Seems to last longer than other products I've used in the past. Reviewer3262979

-This product works, pretty good. Reviewer1033920 From California

-It seems to be helping; it's working to help the pain in my knee. Reviewer1156860 From Washington

-It is working, but not in the ways that I thought. Enjoying some personal changes. Reviewer2134408 From Texas

-Saw GOOD results within 4 wks of using it only once a day before i go to bed. Helped me to get lean faster and also improved recovery from intensive workouts. Also tried applying an hour or two before workouts - it seems to add pump and hardness to my muscles on top of the GAT JetFuse pre-workout booster that I take. Very happy that it works well for me. But only had to give it 4 stars cos it seems to react not so well to the microfibre/polyester fabric of my boxers and caused me some skin rash on my glutes when i sweat. Could also be due to my eczema condition too. Did not face this problem on the upper part of my body when I wear cotton tops. Reviewer3074960 From Malaysia

-I did notice some change. It was not a big change, but I did feel more energy. I will continue to use this product. Reviewer1598700 From Nevada

-I have used Fountain of Youth for 2 years off and on. I always feel better and more alert after two days of using the cream. Reviewer2152946 From California

-so far it has helped with what the product is suppose to do Reviewer2240907 From South Dakota

-Lost a little luster on my sex drive an overall health,been on cream for 3 weeks noticed a mild increase on all Reviewer1557296 From Kentucky

-very good product! Reviewer1450219 From Taiwan

-could tell a difference, boosted me up Reviewer1993612 From Tennessee

-I ordered this for my husband, who was diagnosed by his doctor with low testosterone. The doctor offered a Rx for testosterone cream but suggested we research it first..went online & was shocked by the warnings & side effects! We are going the natural route! It is too soon to tell if it will be as effective as we hope, but are willing to give it a chance. Jasmine44 From New York

-After a few days use I seem to notice being able to work longer without the usual fatigue and I seem to have more physical strength with less effort. Also, if I go off for two - three days I experience a sort of lethargy and disassociation. Apparently it is

-doing something that appears positive. Reviewer2194153 From Georgia

-Has a calming effect and raises libido. Reviewer1515944 From Australia

-Can't beat the price or service. Great product for the price. There wasn't mind blowing effects, but you could definately notice a difference. Reviewer1438448 From New York

-product sems to work ok. Reviewer3360142 From Michigan

-good creme. Reviewer2539662 From California

Doctor’s Sexual Performance Androgenic Hormone Support

-Huge results from this product!!!! Would recommend for sure. Eric WY

-awesome. Jody LA

-Awesome , quick delivery, Todd

Doctor’s Vaginal Dryness Support

Doctor’s Pain Relief

-A very pleased Chiropractor...

Dear Dr Mesko,

I just wanted to let you know that both me and my patients are very impressed with your Beyond Pain Relief Cream.

As a 30 year veteran chiropractor, I have seen all of the new products, lotions, and creams come and go. By far, most of these do nothing more than produce the sensation of either heat or cold, which can sometimes temporarily distract the patient's attention away from his or her pain. Your Beyond Pain Relief Cream represent an exciting  new class of products that are not mere topical analgesics. They are superior to existing products and go far “Beyond” anything available.

Your products seem to work to both resolve the underlying source of the patient's pain, and to dramatically accelerate the healing process on the cellular level. 

I have used your Beyond Pain Cream with great success in restoring function to knees, hips, and shoulders that were severely traumatized. The rate of recovery in these cases amaze me! Additionally, I now dispense the Beyond Relief Cream to every case of whiplash that comes into the office. The patients really appreciate the rapid pain relief they receive, and I feel better knowing that their injuries are being addressed correctly. 

I also use Beyond Pain Relief Cream for the treatment of fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic carpal tunnel syndrome, and chronic tendonitis of the shoulders and knees. I think your products represent a whole new method of delivering medicinals deep into injured tissues. I'm a true believer in your products because I have seen spectacular results first hand. I'm now keeping all of your products on my shelves for my patients.  

Thank you, 
Dr. Kim Lyons, DC, ND, NMD, Greenville, Ohio     


-Your  loved one could enjoy these same results, as well...

I started using Beyond Chronic Pain Relief  two years ago when nothing else relieved my knee pain. Many times before then, I was bed ridden from the pain. I now have mobility.  I use it every day just by rubbing the cream on my knees and now I am pain free. Jessie, 93 years young.

Jessie’s son and daughter-in-law say that Beyond Chronic Pain Relief  has made a big difference in Jessie’s mobility.  “...if Jessie forgets to use it for a couple of days, she is in much pain.”

Rick and Terry

-I am a butcher at a meat market, had have had class 3 separated shoulder and could not raise my arm above my shoulder. I started using Doctor’s Relief Cream and in a short time my arm and shoulder are normal.  I have only been using the Cream for a little less than a month. Thanks for a great product.  - Dave B.

Dear Dr. Mesko,

I have used the Doctor’s Relief Cream for approximately 8 months. I have an advanced osteoarthritis condition throughout my body, and I also have cartilage degeneration in my right hip.  My acetabulum joint has no cartilage.  None of the available prescription drugs, or other over-the-counter products, worked for me.

Beyond Relief Cream allows me to function in a normal manner, restored my limited range of movement, and also eliminated my intense pain.  This is truly amazing when you consider that I am 82 years of age.  Oh, by the way, the fact that your non-narcotic, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory product is delivered in a transdermal application, is very appealing. This is the most highly regarded method of administrating products.  Also, may I add that this product does not stain my clothes, absorbs very quickly, does not irritate my skin, and does not have and odor.

Truly Yours, Emil T. Pagano, M.D., Ph.D., D.C.


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