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VRPrime - 360 Aleta S1 - iPiSoft - GCSx


1.  Introducing the Revolutionary new VRPrimeTM -
Available for Orders NOW!!  


360 4K Video  revolutionary Aleta S1  the worlds best auto-stitching 3600 4K video camera!

6K photos - 4K video

CamVFX launches Virtual Reality goggles to compete between Cardboard and the Samsung GearVR-  watch 2D and 3D movies from memory or streaming, use with any game with HDMI output (PC, Xbox, PS), view 360 pictures and videos, play Android games.  Experience VR immersion WithOut using your smartphone installed! Our VR Goggle Headset rivals the quality and performance of systems costing much more.  Our VRPrimeTM VR Goggles are plug and play ready for almost any PC, Android, Xbox and PS4 game.  The VR Headset displays 360 video and 3D video content in vivid detail and clarity.  The VR Goggle frame is designed to fit over glasses easily for our near sited users!!  Just insure that the headset aligns with the eyes and the nose openings remain clear! The VRPrime headset is simply the best available on the planet for under $500 USD!

Adding significant functionality to our VR product line, CamVFX announces real-time live streaming 360 degree 4K video camera.  Our newest model is named the Aleta S1.  The Aleta S1 is the World's Best Real-time 4K 360 degree video camera under $2,000.  The Aleta S1 is the first true real-time feed panorama camera that produces 4K streaming at up to 30fps for an affordable price.

2.  iPiSoft Motion Capture Software  

Current iPisoft Feature Highlights - NEW BioMech now available for TRIAL with 1st Studio Trial period

  • Support of up to 3 Actors added
  • Support of up to 16 Sony PS3 Eye cameras, 4 depth sensors added
  • Biomech Add-on: added point cloud export formats convenient for animators, including Krakatoa PRT, PLY, OBJ, Leika PTS.
  • Fine actor proportions adjustments allow to increase tracking accuracy due to more precise adjustments of actor model used for tracking. Tracking of children actors and actors with non-typical proportions is now possible.
  • Visual bone picker makes selection of bones much more convenient
  • Improved background subtraction for Kinect v2
  • Kinect v2 tracking data is now used for workflow improvements
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Facial Motion Capture SoftwareMaskarad is a standalone Windows application that can easily be integrated in any production pipeline. Select a video and Maskarad will quickly output motion capture files ready to be imported in your favorite 3D applications including 3ds max, Lightwave, Maya, Softimage and MotionBuilder.
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