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           Great Tux is a locally owned and operated company dedicated to pleasing you and making your life easier.  We do not answer to a corporate headquarters, so we stock the colors our Metro Omaha area customers demand.  You get what YOU want! 

The value of having a PERSONAL ASSISTANT is virtually priceless.  Never again go through the frustration of explaining for the umpteenth time who you are, what you have ordered, when your event is, etc, etc, etc.  Your wedding day is special to us.  We take a LIMITED NUMBER of weddings* each week so that YOU never feel like a number.  

We GUARANTEE our work.  If your order is not right, if we don’t live up to each and every claim, we will cheerfully refund your money.  You are the boss.  You be the judge.  After all, what we are working for is your recommendation.  It’s the highest compliment you can give us. 

            Compare price and services.  We think you will agree that Great Tux comes out on top.  For the SAME PRICE or less, get what you really want, delivered to you, on YOUR time schedule.  

If this offer holds any interest for you, please schedule your FREE, in-home, no obligation, private and confidential tuxedo consultation NOW.   

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