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Garage Floor Finishing:

Garage Floor Finishing:

Applying Epoxy paint to garage floor

By using our Klass Kote Epoxy paint for garage floors, you can replace that old, boring, gray concrete surface in the garage, basement, or shop. That’s right - cover it up, protect it and make it look sharp with something that's extremely decorative yet strong enough to withstand the constant beating that such floors take.

Give your concrete floor a showroom look by using our Klass Kote Commercial Quality Epoxy paint for your floor finishing. It has been used for years as industrial concrete floor paints because it is tough enough to protect against such things as oil, grease, salt slurry, and most other chemicals that tend to ruin regular paint – while standing up to the wear and tear of everyday traffic. That's why many mechanic's shops, airplane hangars, car dealerships as well as homeowners for basements and garage floors have selected Klass Kote Epoxy concrete floor paints.

The benefits of using our industrial strenght Klass Kote Epoxy paint for garage, shop, or concrete basement floors include:

    * Exceptionally Strong Adhesion
    * Durable and Long Lasting – 2 coats of properly applied epoxy will give 10-15 years with average wear.
    * Rustproof (especially our epoxy primer paint)
    * Waterproof
    * Resistance to heat (no hot tire pick-up)
    * Salt and Acid Resistance
    * Reduced Maintenance Costs caused by salts and chemicals that chew up unprotected concrete floors.
    * Dried film is inherit and nontoxic

Floor Primer

Floor Primer

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The most important key to a long-lasting finish using Klass Kote Epoxy for garage floor finishing is surface preparation, surface preparation, and then - more surface preparation!

We stress this point because a properly prepared surface will assure a strong adherence of the epoxy to the concrete. There are several methods of surface preparation to choose from.  We outline a very effective one on our concrete preparation sheet. The difference between success and failure when using Klass Kote Epoxy for your garage floor finishing can come down to surface preparation. While this is true for any concrete coating or topping, it is especially true with our high-bonding coating. We also recommend using our clear Klass Kote Epoxy floor paint on top of whichever color you have chosen (or a second coat of your chosen color), to act as a sealer coat and keep the paint looking nice for a longer period of time.  

Note: If your floor has spots that are always wet or "sweats" then you shouldn't apply concrete floor paint because there is too much moisture coming from underneath and the paint won't last very long.

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