StoresOnline prides itself on delivering eServices that are especially tailored to help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed on the Internet. The following are excerpts from just a few of the hundreds of letters and emails StoresOnline has received from satisfied customers.

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*Testimonial results are not typical and your individual results will vary. Your success depends on having the right price, product, and marketing efforts.
"[My manager] just told me I was done...It devastated me. It turned me off on the corporate world and everything else. But now they're supplying my products...I think in the grand scheme of things, I think them letting me go was the best thing that ever happened to me."

Jerry Lillie
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"“It was the tools, the marketing tools, that make the difference. And StoresOnline exhibited all of the marketing tools that I needed."

Karla with a K
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"With the StoresOnline Program, everything is right here...you can make the change, and five minutes later, that change is online. You don't have to wait for programmers and you don't have to wait for somebody else to approve what you've submitted to them."

James Wall
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"With StoresOnline, you have an original outlay, but after that, basically, you have everything at your fingertips...the information is there. You just follow it step-by-step."

Lee and Sue Harper
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"I feel a lot better about myself, and our family is in a situation that’s much more secure than when I was relying on some corporation to take care of me."

Jeffrey and Deanna Vaughan
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"I love this business I'm running now, because I have flexibility and I'm in control, and I don't have to go out looking for jobs and I don't have to stick to 9:00 to 5:00 and I could have more time with my daughter."

Lilly Gery
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"I had about 20 years of retailing...and I’ve seen a lot of people that have no retail experience at all, and they were doing it. If they can do it, you know, I should have a little edge."

Paul and Sharron Savoie
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"I would recommend anybody who has any interest at all in doing a joint venture to just take that next step. You got to do some work, but it pays off."

Rolfe Hagen
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"Once I moved to Florida, things got a little hectic...but the marketing that I had done on the sites were still working for me. So through all the transition and the move, the sites were still able to do what they were doing."

Tamikia Alford and Jaquelyn Roberts
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"Before I start StoresOnline, I was in debt. I mean, I probably had a FICA score of less than 500. I didn't even own a car...[StoresOnline] has made me debt free. I don't owe anything."

Eric Auyong
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"“I finally got to the point where I wanted a change in my life. We wanted a business that would kind of express our passions...I love to photograph butterflies up close, you know, full frame. Now I can go do that just for fun without the stress of having to earn a living with my pictures."

Sue Anderson

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"My supplier is pretty happy with the amount of sales I'm giving them, bringing to them through the website...Every time they pull up my account, they always seem to be surprised at the amount of sales I'm doing."

David Brown
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"I finally came to the point, you know, I need...real professionals. [StoresOnline] had the complete package."

Tommy and Mary McGuire
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"It’s like you’re going back to school and taking a master’s level course...You get every kind of information that you could possibly want, you get it right there, and you have somebody to call if you get confused. That kind of support was what convinced us that we could do the Internet marketing."

Kathleen Records
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"The impact of StoresOnline has given me a good steady business. It's a strong business, and it's growing steadily. I see growth every month or two. It just keeps growing."

Scott Pollock
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"I think everybody should be in business for themselves," she says. "I think it's been wonderful. I think that StoresOnline is a good company. We were looking for a great tool, and this was a great tool."

Nancy Wilson and Mary Collier
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"I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for StoresOnline." For Bryan Castleman, the financial impact of owning his own business on the Internet has been very positive. He's been able to go to college and buy things besides his basic needs. Additionally, he has been able to grow his business without borrowing. He is simply using the profits he has already made.

Bryan Castleman
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"It is very easy to use-easy to get hits and draw people to your Web site," he says. "StoresOnline has a lot of training and coaching available, plus customer service. I think it has helped my business grow tremendously. I would recommend going with them. Of course, it takes a lot of hard work, but you got to keep your pedal to the metal as they say."

Ryan Moor
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Just months after attending the StoresOnline preview and workshop, Peter Erickson no longer works a "regular job." His websites are his job, his financial future, and his future retirement income. "This is all I do," he says. Of course, with the phones ringing pretty much 24-7, who would have any time for anything else.

Peter Erickson
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"The idea of combining something I love so much with something that is going to make me money-it just doesn't get any more exciting than that!...based on some of the things I learned in the seminar, I had the tools, and I had the confidence to go to [my competitors] and outline a program-a partnership with [them]. And they are thrilled to do it."

Russ Little
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"That's the true blessing of the site...I can change it, control it, or do whatever I want to it. I know the storebuilder like I know my motorcycle." James was excited about this new venture. He already had a great product idea. Everyone he showed it to liked it. He just didn't have a good, cost-effective way to promote it widely.

James Harris
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"It's easier to work for somebody else and collect a paycheck, but you never really realize your potential," says Craig. "Starting your own business is really the way you can put yourself to the test."

Craig Gunderson
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"We were able to work on our website-tweak it just the way we wanted to-present it to the customers we were trying to target. With StoresOnline we were able to do the whole thing, the whole shopping cart, do our own ordering rules and set it up the way we wanted to."

Diana and Michael Blair
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"I realized there are many more ways to market on the Internet than with just search engines...I was very impressed with the sound marketing principals taught by StoresOnline. They teach a strategy. And I haven't even used a fraction of the possibility of the options yet."

James Lane
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"We get at least a comment a day about the professionalism of the site. Our customers tell us this looks like one of the 'big boys.' They don't realize we're working on this from our bedroom while in our pajamas. The stores are so professional."

John McNutt
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"The product was a very good product from first appearance," he says. With the "Internet being a global sales tool, I thought, that is where the world is going, and that is where my shoppers would eventual be in the next decade or so, and that is where I wanted to position myself."

Richard Zikmundovsky
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Gerald worked with 164 people in his company-all who dreamed of striking out on their own some day. Proudly, Gerald proclaims, "Everyone I worked with kept talking about doing it, and talking about doing it, and talking about doing it. So I went out and did it. And they are still talking."

Karen West and her son, Raymond
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"The software is easy to pick up; I printed off the tutorials and walked myself through the steps. Once you know how to do the basic stuff, it is really easy to do. The StoresOnline platform is a Cadillac; I can build into my site just about anything I want."

Scott Bushong
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"You find yourself checking the Internet in the middle of the night...On Easter Sunday I checked the Internet after our family went home. I had received 12 orders just that evening. There is a definite thrill when you can do that."

Donald Wyatt
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"If someone has a good idea, and is actually pursuing an entrepreneurial type of career, I would recommend this type of programming."

Zafer Atkas
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*Testimonial results are not typical and your individual results will vary. Your success depends on having the right price, product, and marketing efforts.
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